Friday, February 12, 2010

Why does this deceived world, and false preachers continue on going contrary to what the true scriptures teach?

the truth is even in every bible, even though all english, greek and latin translations are mistranslated, added to or deleted from, like the TRUE names of the Creator, Prophets and Apostles.Why does this deceived world, and false preachers continue on going contrary to what the true scriptures teach?
You say the Truth is in all Bibles then turn around and claim they are mistranslated. You answered your own question. Enough said.Why does this deceived world, and false preachers continue on going contrary to what the true scriptures teach?
One would have to ask Constantine. He made it the official religion of the Roman empire, as a recent convert and he assembled the books of the bible, editing out those things that didn't fit his political agenda, thus starting the tradition of Christianity holding political office.

In addition to that, Christianity has gained so much power that it has become a means to an end; Gaining and maintaining power over the populous.

That is not what religion is supposed to be about, but Christian leaders have been using it for just that purpose since the days of Constantine I of Rome.

Perhaps this is a question that you should pose to your leaders and not to the world at large, since Christian leaders have made it a point to arrogantly create more enemies than friends.

And should you ask your leaders, do not accept the ';take it on faith'; answers. That's just a dodge to avoid answering a question that they either don't have an answer to or just don't want to answer.
Do you really think that we should know the exact name of god, of the angels, prophets or the original language of the Bible? I think that the best think to do is to live our life as we see fit, but taking care not to do any harm to our fellow humans. I think the only true message is love your neighbor as you love yourself.
There is only one Bible, and by God's grace, we still have access to the earliest known Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

With the abundance of tools at our disposal to diligently research these original documents, there is really no reason to ever have to rely on any of the many different translations that are circulated today, let alone what any preacher has to say.

How about 2/3 of the world doesn't think that your Bible is worth wasting the trees it takes to print it?

How about accepting that Christianity is only a MINORITY religion (and becoming more marginalized every day, except in certain parts of the US)? There are only 2 billion people listed as being Christian, out of a population of more than 6 billion. (And a lot of those have left Christianity, so the number is grossly inflated. There probably aren't more than one billion people who actually PRACTICE the religion - which means that Christianity only encompasses about 16% of the world's population.)

How about the fact that most people (around 85%) consider your Bible a fairy tale?

How about the fact that it says in the Old Testament that, as long as the world still exists, not even a punctuation mark of the Old Testament can be changed, added to or deleted? So the New Testament is a violation of a direct order from God? (It doesn't say until Jesus establishes a new covenant, it says as long as the Earth - the planet - exists.)

How about the fact that - in the US - anyone has the right to preach anything, whether your particular cult approves of it or not?

There a few hundred other reasons, but I think I've made my point.
Because it is a play that must be played out, and when it has run its course people will realize it is otherwise, then more will wake up to the deeper meanings of what they hear or read. I look at it as just different stages of learning, like reaching a certain stop along the road where you can rest awhile and feel comfortable, but then the journey must begin again as you go forward. Life is a process of learning and we are all progressing at our own pace.

God works in mysterious ways.

Why does:

'; Therefore My people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowlage. ';

'; Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees and that write grievousness witch they have prescribed.';

'; Woe be unto the pastor that destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture ';

'; And if any man shall take away the words of this book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life......';

Bible prophesy being fulfilled!
Ummmm let me see, how about most readers of the bible can't read the original language... will that do you?...
Why not? they also rejected our Lord and saviour! Just like he said they would!
Because people are not in the light... and are unable to see past the false preaching.

And that Kingdom Gospel was about increasing the light. Click on my avatar for an explanation.

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